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Buy Tickets!

We now offer a selection of tickets for each show which are available to our BIPOC community members FREE of charge!

To reserve a free ticket as a member of the BIPOC community send an email to the Clinton Street Cabaret at with the heading “BIPOC Affinity Ticket” and include your name and the date of the show you would like to reserve a ticket for in the body of the email. Only 1 ticket can be reserved per person per show and reserved tickets also include a prop bag. These tickets can only be reserved by confirmed email with the Clinton Street Cabaret and are not available to reserve at the Clinton Street Theater box office.

Tickets can be reserved starting 2 weeks before a show and no later than 2 hours before the show. Please note we won't be able to accommodate late requests for shows that are already sold out. These are tickets specifically for the Clinton Street Cabaret’s performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Clinton Street Theater, on the 1st, 3rd, and occasionally 5th Saturdays of the month. Showings on 2nd and 4th Saturdays or "For Virgins" nights are not Cabaret shows and do not qualify for this program.

Why Are We Doing This?

“Oregon has a long well documented history of racism that is reflected in public policy. These policies and over 150 years of practices are a root cause of the persistent economic, political, social, and health disparities facing Oregon's communities of color” - Facing Race Report 2015

This program is a part of our effort as an organization to do what we can to take into account the systemic wealth and access inequality that exists in Oregon for BIPOC and combat that on a local level in our own community. Additionally, the Portland queer, drag, and burlesque communities have had a history of creating spaces that are unwelcoming to and deliberately exclude BIPOC community members. This is a culture that we are actively looking to dismantle and distance ourselves from by creating space that is more intentionally accessible for our QTBIPOC community.

This our first attempt at offering a program like this, and we would love community feedback on this initiative and its process. Feedback and questions can also be sent to the Leadership team at